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  • How to find right pool accessories supplier?
    Supplier must maintain the pool with their supplied items for atleast first one week.
    Supplier must provide labour support in circulation plumbing.
    Supplier must have service team and own service vehicle.
    Supplier must have ready stock filter spares with company storage yard.
    Supplier must have more experience in filter media change and pool trouble shooting.

  • What is the minimum size of the pool for a two adult & two children family?
    15 feet (4.5meters) length X 10 feet (3meters) width and 4' average water depth.

  • What is the minimum required area for 15feet X 10feet size pool?
    Minimum Required area is 20feet(6meters) length X 15feet(4.5meters).

  • What is the safe depth of a swimming pool?
    Kids Pool - 1.5feet(0.45meters) overall
    Main Pool - 4feet(1.21meters) overall

  • What is proper pool maintenance?
    (ii)Removing settled materials from pool bottom with the help of suction sweeper set. (atleast twice a week)
    (iii)Testing with new test reagents and adding chemicals as per the test result.
    (iv)Filtration of pool water for minimum four hours a day.

  • How much does it cost to maintain a pool?
    Because of advances in technology, it costs very less for maintenance. Approximately RS 4000 per month for a small home pool.

  • Should I go for a skimmer type or overflow type pool?
    A skimmer system does not require balancing tank it is suitable for personal pools only.
    An overflow type pool with overflow gutter all around the pool is a better system for institutions,
    clubs and all public pools and it requires balancing tank and more required area. An overflow type pool
    looks better and bigger than a skimmer type pool. Over flow pools are 20% costlier than skimmer pool.

  • What should be the size of a balancing tank?
    For small size pools:- 11 litters/sqrt of pool water surface area.
    For big size pools:- 8 litters/sqrt of pool water surface area.
  • What is the minimum size of basic training pool for institutions?
    41feet(12.5meters) length 20' width 4' average depth for institution

  • How long does it take to build a pool?
    Each pool project incorporates many factors that might affect the total time.
    The thump rule is 1500 Sqrt per month for skimmer pool, 1200sqrt per month for over flow pool at
    normal construction speed with proper curing.

  • Which provisions should I provide in pool construction stage?
    Inlet and Drain Outlets provisions in the pool mat concrete.
    Skimmer, Vacuum point, under water light, Lane anchor & Ladders provisions in wall concrete.

  • Why LED pool lights are better than Halogen pool lights?
    LED pool lights are brighter and consumes less power than halogen lights.
    One more advantage is we can test the LED lights without water for long time.

  • Do I have to empty the pool to change the bulb?
    Not necessary to empty the pool. We will role 1.5 meters extra cable in pool LED Lights.

  • What are the necessary items for a perfect swimming pool?
    Absolute necessary items are :- Recirculation pump, Starter panel, Filter, Multiport valve, White silica sand, Gravel,
    Butterfly valves with SS disc, Skimmer or overflow gutters, Two drains, Stainless steel ladder, Return inlets,
    Suction point holder, Test kit, Floatable suction hose, Suction cleaning head, Leaf rake, Telescopic handle, Wall brush, Disinfection chemical.

  • What are the optional items for swimming pool?
    Optional items are:- Under water lights, Jacuzzi jets, Chlorine feeder, Ozone system,
    Counter current unit, Smart digital control panel, Life buoy, Blue lagoon, Cascade water fall,
    Handrails, Air blower nozzle, Air lounger, Air pad, Craft counter current, Pool cover, Automatic pool cleaner.

  • What is the minimum cost of pool water Treatment plant?
    Rs.90,000 including pump and total unit installation.

  • Is it costly to maintain pool sand filter?
    No monthly maintenance in pool sand filter. But we have to change filter sand once in three years.

  • How much power is consumed by a minimum size Recycling system ?
    Just 90 units per month.

  • Explain ozone treatment and ideal pool water disinfection method?
    Ozone is an alternative to chlorination, although it uses a small amount of Chlorine. Ideal
    disinfection is 5 days ozone feeding and twice Chlorination in a week to control algae in pool floor and wall.

  • How much you are charging for basic pool water test & pool maintenance training?
    Rupees 950 per day + travel expenses.

  • What are the benefits of a pool?
    Most medical professionals encourage swimming for healthy life. Some of those benefits include: Mental and physical relaxation,
    Ideal place to entertain family and friends, and having your very own private beach!
    Your POOL SIDE PARTIES is ensuring to delight both your family members and your guests.
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